Who We Are…

It was early 2000 when India experienced a tangible transit from a manufacturing to a service dominated nation. There was a gradual shift from job hunting by individuals to mass recruitment by employers.

Looking back through the nineties, people to people contact was negligible whereas in today’s environment communication is on the forefront and person to person contact has taken a quantum leap not only within the country, but globally.India’s manpower is technically skilled and possesses a high intelligence quotient. Nevertheless today’s Global mindset demands sharpened soft skills such as Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence which are essential for every person to succeed in life.

We initiate to increase employability and professional skills enhancement of individuals and give them a professional edge. This will be done through state of art class room training which will be time and cost convenient, professional help and counseling for the entire year.  Then, it has catered to the needs and services of various people including School & College Students, Teachers, Professionals, & Executives.We has been successfully conducting numerous Seminars, Summer camps and Awareness Programs on Psychological Analysis, Grooming, Motivation, Concentration, Team Building, Self-Confidence Improvement Techniques, Communication and Language classes.

Our Professional team, pay minute and individualized attention to every trainee, as we believe each trainee is unique with his/her own background, strengths, requirements and ambitions. At OBERON INDIA, we work as committed facilitators, who build bridges between aspirations and achievements.

We’re Open to Innovation, Driven to Delight and Committed to Quality Education. We don’t compromise with trainee’s future.


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